It’s not just a map!

More and more entrepreneurs are trying to make the world a better place. At the same time consumers are showing more interest in fair and sustainable businesses. We want to help connect these do-good entrepreneurs with the consumers who appreciate what they’re doing. How? With goodmapp, a location-based app that shows consumers where they can purchase the sustainable, ecofriendly products they are searching for.

Whether you are searching for a new smartphone, a reusable waterbottle, a packaging free supermarket, a veggie restaurant, bamboo clothes, organic food at a local farmer’s market or an electric vehicle, the goodmapp’s map shows where to get what you need either online or close to your GPS-based location.

In addition to showing where you can purchase your item, goodmapp details price and brand, as well as special offer alerts and reviews from other customers.

For consumers who wants their shopping habits to reflect their ideology, goodmapp makes it easy to make the fair, sustainable and ecofriendly choices that previously took too much time, effort, and money.

For businesses, goodmapp is a great way to emphasize to potential customers the ways in which you are contributing to a more sustainable and fair world. With goodmapp customers will know you are doing good, and they will know how and where to find you!


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