How it started

Founder Laura Spanjer has been enthusiastic about startups that engage in fair sustainable business, entrepreneurs who make a social impact and fair sustainable technology, clothing and gadgets. A question that puzzled her was how to make ‘good’ shopping easier and less time consuming for busy people like herself who wanted to make better choices. There were good products out there, if only she had a map to find them. Or rather a map app.


More and more entrepreneurs are focusing on fair and sustainable businesses. This coincides  with a surge in consumers interested in ethical shopping. goodmapp wants to connect these do-good entrepreneurs with the consumers who appreciate what they’re doing, creating a more sustainable environment in the process.

“Transparancy, from labour to consumer.”

We want to promote an enthusiastic and positive new way to shop. By making ‘good’ shopping more accessible, we can reduce – and eventually end! – the various ethical and environmental problems that exist in many industries. Together we can change ‘bad’ shopping into ‘good’, we can show the existing industries what the consumer wants and what our planet needs.


goodmapp is a project initiated by Laura Spanjer and made possible with a lot of help from many people all over the world who share the same vision and enthusiasm to make the world a better place.

Laura Spanjer portrait_small_bwChristina Andreou






2016-03-02 12.06.08


Richard Hanika Kotlářová  portrait 1 copie2 Amanda barchi 2016-12-19-14-56-04



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