“Consume differently – what you buy – what you eat – where you get you power from.”

Before the Flood 2016

One of the concluding remarks of ‘Before the Flood’, the most recent documentary on climate change, motivating us to live more consciously. But, besides what labels and certificates tell us, how can we know what to buy, what to eat and what power to use, in order to minimize our environmental impact? Worldwide, there are more and more initiatives to help us with this. Questionmark is one of them: a non-political organization that wants to make consumers more aware of the food choices they have when buying a product and also to urge companies within the food industry to become more transparant.

Questionmark, currently operating in the Netherlands, is an initiave that started about 4 years ago and aims to make the food production chain more transparant and comprehensible for consumers. They believe that everyone has the right to know what they buy: who made your product, under which labour conditions, what is the product made of and where does it come from. Questionmark does independent research in four different areas: the environment, human rights, animal welfare and health. Then they provide this information on food related products to consumers, so they support them in making more ethical (and healthy!) choices. Consumers can use this information by using the website or by using an app.

With their research, Questionmark also actively takes part in a bigger discussion around sustainability and business ethics. They strive for more transparency in the production chain since they think transparency is key towards more fairtrade and fairchain consumption.

How does the app work?


The app, called Checkit, makes grocery shopping very easy and more sustainable. You can write down your shopping list – choose a product – check its ratings on sustainability – adjust your list accordingly – and choose your supermarket.

Login and share your credentials to collaboratively work on your grocery list with others.

In the upcoming years, Questionmark will remain to pursue her mission towards actualizing  more healthy and sustainable foods.

Want to know more about Questionmark? Check their website for more information on what they do!



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