Map the future of sustainable shopping. Navigate through the GPS-based prototype at Find and share good stores around the world!

It’s happening! All around us businesses are looking for ways to benefit the world, in addition to their bottom line. From established companies to new endeavors launched by social entrepreneurs, ‘good’ is on the rise. Timely, because ‘good’ is what conscious consumers are using to evaluate products and services, along with cost and quality.

goodmapp connects socially responsible businesses with ethical consumers. From ecofriendly to sustainable, local to non-GMO, goodmapp lets conscious consumers enter criteria to discover where they can purchase what they need close to their GPS-based location (or online). With goodmapp, people can find the products and services that align with their principles.

June 2016 – We are live!

We are happy to have started prototype testing as of today! Are you a conscious consumer and would you like to take part in the further development of goodmapp, please check our web-based application via and let us know what you think!


Help develop goodmapp & take part in our one-minute survey!

2 thoughts on “goodmapp

  1. Hi GoodMapp – I LOVE the idea of what you guys are trying to do. Will definitely pull together information of businesses I know and find that work ethically and for sustainability in our environment!
    One business I’m not sure if you guys would be able to display is ran by some of my friends who design and print clothing on a quarterly basis with the idea of promoting justice and social action. They do this by (a) using ethically produced clothing manufacturers and (b) giving £5.00 from every item produced to the quarterly chosen Charity that are working to solve injustice in the neighborhood or world.
    However they are based mostly online and so I don’t know how well you can display them with your app, they are called Just Threads.
    Anyway thank you for this awesome idea and what you are trying to do!

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    1. Dear Robson – Thanks a lot for your comment! Eventually GoodMapp will turn into a worldwide app that includes online businesses. So in that case, the idea and business of Just Threads sounds perfect. If they like, we can put their logo on our webpage. For more information about us our the project, please let them contact us via


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