Map the future of sustainable shopping. Navigate through the GPS-based prototype at http://www.goodmapp.io. Find and share good stores around the world!

It’s happening! All around us businesses are looking for ways to benefit the world, in addition to their bottom line. From established companies to new endeavors launched by social entrepreneurs, ‘good’ is on the rise. Timely, because ‘good’ is what conscious consumers are using to evaluate products and services, along with cost and quality.

goodmapp connects socially responsible businesses with ethical consumers. From ecofriendly to sustainable, local to non-GMO, goodmapp lets conscious consumers enter criteria to discover where they can purchase what they need close to their GPS-based location (or online). With goodmapp, people can find the products and services that align with their principles.

June 2016 – We are live!

We are happy to have started prototype testing as of today! Are you a conscious consumer and would you like to take part in the further development of goodmapp, please check our web-based application via www.goodmapp.io and let us know what you think!


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Skiing in sustainable suits

This article is written by Annelies Pronk, a passionate skier and ski instructor. When everyone was still enjoying their surf suits, she was already looking for her next ski outfit. Coming across Picture, she accidentally decided to go a bit green in the white mountains of Austria this season.


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With love from Nairobi

In the Green City in the Sun, Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, there is an ethical fashion company located within the Nairobi Arts Centre, Lavington neighbourhood. I fell in love with the vibrant and colourful fashion from Njema Helena and I ordered a dress. Afterwards, I became curious: who made my dress and what was the real cost of the dress?

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-01 at 10.24.53 AM
Cecilia, co-founder of Njema Helena and ‘my’ dress.


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“Consume differently – what you buy – what you eat – where you get you power from.”

Before the Flood 2016

One of the concluding remarks of ‘Before the Flood’, the most recent documentary on climate change, motivating us to live more consciously. But, besides what labels and certificates tell us, how can we know what to buy, what to eat and what power to use, in order to minimize our environmental impact? Worldwide, there are more and more initiatives to help us with this. Questionmark is one of them: a non-political organization that wants to make consumers more aware of the food choices they have when buying a product and also to urge companies within the food industry to become more transparant.

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Labels and certificates. Part I: “Why do I want one?”

When I founded goodmapp, from the very beginning it was clear to me that it was not supposed to become another label or certification, with so many already out there. Goodmapp’s mission was supposed, and still is, to give us the chance to use our voices. What do we consider to be fair and sustainable?

Coming across an article from the the Guardian, asking whether we as consumers understand what’s behind a certification label and if it actually mattered if we do, I together with Yvette Ramakers, a starting social entrepreneur, explored the maze of labels and certificates. Was it justified of me to be skeptical?

Divided into three parts, this first part will take a look from an entrepreneurial point of view. It’s the story of Yvette Ramakers when starting her company in the (organic) textile industry. What does it mean for a starting social enterprise to receive a certification and why would an enterprise want one?

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Ljubljana: adventures in a small green capital

Last week, while on holiday, I learnt that Slovenia’s capital city is European Green Capital 2016. What does the city do in order to sustain this title?


Strolling down the streets of the city, I start to like Ljubljana from the very beginning. Beautifully, old buildings, broad streets, pretty squares, flowers, friendly people and a lot of green. It’s a small and cozy city and at the same time Ljubljana feels as spacious as any other capital. Along the river there are nice pubs and restaurants, street artists till late at night and on top of the hill there is a big castle and its green dragon, looking over and protecting her citizens at night. Ljubljana is alive and vibrant and as well from a cultural point of view it has a lot to offer. Continue reading “Ljubljana: adventures in a small green capital”